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Five-Week Beginner’s Series

If you are learning about capoeira, you might be interested in Capoeira 101 or the Benefits of Capoeira.

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This introductory series meets every Tuesday from 7-8:30pm for five weeks. (*Check next start date.)  All classes are led by advanced instructors under the guidance of the school’s head Contramestre, Skher Brown.  FICA-Baltimore is a traditional Capoeira Angola school from the lineage of the famous Mestre Ferreira Pastinha.  This lineage is renowned for valorizing Capoeira Angola in the 1940s, for Capoeira Angola’s renaissance in the 1970s, and its spread outside of Brazil in the 1990s. Our school honors the cultural heritage of the art form by stressing the highest standards and quality of practice for teachers and students, alike.

*Next start dates:

September 16th through October 14th

October 28th through December 2nd (*no session on 11/28)

January 6th through February 3rd, 2015


Beginner’s Session: $75.00


“Capoeira Angola has added value to my life because it has given me a space that challenges me physically and mentally. Some of the challenges I have in capoeira are ones of mind over body and that it is always possible to do a move or sometimes I can learn that song. I’ve learned to apply this in my own life broadly.” Janice Byth, college student


What will I learn in this 5-Week Beginner’s Series?  You will receive an introduction to the four core expressions of Capoeira Angola: Movement, Music, Philosophy, and History.  The fight of capoeira is often described as a physical conversation between two bodies.  This class teaches you the language that the dance movements, attacks, and escapes represent.  When the class is complete, not only will you be ready to “speak capoeira,” you will be ready to participate in all of its four core expressions within the mixed level classes.  And you should expect to begin experiencing the Benefits of Capoeira.

Can I really do this? Capoeira is actively practiced by children as youth as two years old and adults well into their 60s and beyond.  If you’re overweight, yes, with regular practice capoeira will help.   If your knees allow you to squat down and touch the floor you’re probably a great candidate to learn capoeira.  Yes, capoeira will challenge you.  But no need to fear that you will be forced to stand on your head.  If you can handle a yoga class, you can physically handle this!

What should I bring? You should wear loose fitting long pants, a tshirt (no tank tops please), and comfortable sneakers.  Also, be prepared to have fun while being challenged.  We’ll do the rest.


“I started out completely ignorant about Capoeira Angola, except for knowing that it is a martial art of non-Asian origin. I would eventually realize that Capoeira Angola isn’t just a fighting form, but a culture consisting of philosophy, music and spirituality. Moreover, it is a lifestyle.

When I first started Capoeira, I was not used to the variety of movements and I felt awkward. After much practice and the constant guidance of Contra-Mestre Skher, I am only beginning to grasp the depth of this physical language. CM Skher is not only a teacher, he is a mentor.” J. Carlos Fitzpatrick, Baltimore City employee