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“Capoeira Angola has given me a chance to push myself physically and mentally within a supportive group setting. When I first began, I didn’t have much confidence in the movement or music section. Now, I am a leader in my group and am able to teach others things that I learned in a confident manner! It allows me to practice flexible movements that support other physical activity in my life, and introduces me to a strong, diverse community that is active all over the world.” Therese Robbins, college student


We are the Baltimore chapter of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF), also known in Portuguese as the Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola (FICA).  Our mission is to preserve and promote the rich heritage of Capoeira Angola for future generations.  To that end, we inspire positive social transformation by offering adult and children capoeira classes, workshops, and lectures.  Additional, we educate and entertain with capoeira demonstrations and theatrical performances that showcase the value and richness of African diasporic heritage.

Community activists Wendall Rawlings and Jason Harris initially assembled a Baltimore capoeira study group in February 2003.  Wendall and Jason first studied the art form at the FICA chapter in Washington, DC.  Shortly thereafter, they recruited then advance-student Skher Brown to lead their newly-formed study group in Baltimore.  In 2004, Contramestre Skher officially organized the group as FICA-Baltimore under the sanction of Mestre Cobra Mansa of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


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