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Youth Series (Ages 6-12)


This introductory Youth Capoeira series meets every Sunday from 1-2pm for five weeks.  All classes are led by advanced instructors under the guidance of the school’s head teacher, Contramestre Skher Brown.  Contramestre has 20 years of experience in the art form and has personally taught thousands of children in schools and centers throughout the Baltimore area.

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Next start dates:

March 1st through March 29nd

April 5th through May 3rd 

May 17th through June 14th

Youth Series: $60.00

About the Program

Our Capoeira Angola program is designed to create a social and culturally-rich environment that brings forth the authentic expression of each child. Many parents notice the sense of ease and wellness their children display in class relative to their demeanor within other social settings. This is an intentional effect.  FICA-Baltimore’s youth mission is to help children discover an empowering self-identity.  After all, every child should have a positive story about who she or he is and what life has in store.

Specifically, over the five weeks youth participates will learn the dance-fight movements of the martial art. They will learn use these movements to safely play/spare with their classmates. They will apply this newly acquired knowledge to perform in our monthly roda activity with fellow adult and child participates. Youth participates will learn about capoeira’s musical instruments, how to play basic rhythms, and how to sing its traditional songs in Brazilian Portuguese.   Youth participates will learn about African-Brazilian history and the heroism of capoeira’s freedom fighters.  Youth participates will ask and answer questions and, ultimately, experience a sense of growth.


2013-03-16 11.02.54Class Activities

Learning games

Dance and martial arts instruction

Storytelling and folklore

Singing and playing musical instruments

Parent-child integrated play and learning activities


Developmental Focus Areas

Physical: Balance; multi-limb-to-eye coordination; muscular strength & control; reflex & agility enhancement; cardiovascular fitness; flexibility

Mental: Spatial awareness; concentration on the task at hand; awareness of key life values

Emotional: Confidence through individual achievement and success; self-worth and esteem enhancement through social validation; social anxiety reduction; self-reliance

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Behavioral Outcomes: Within the friendly and safe communal environment of the class

Children nurture a lifelong love of exercise and fitness

Children develop a capacity to embrace challenge

Children deepen their openness and authenticity

Children expand their self determination

Children increase their impulse control and emotional balance, i.e. self-control


What should my child bring? Your child should wear loose fitting long pants, a tshirt, and comfortable sneakers.